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Sunday, December 28, 2008

In Memory of Tootsie

For Christmas this year I decided to do a scratchboard portrait of our very first dog "Tootsie" for my husband. He didn't have any idea that I was working on this portrait. I would work on it while I was at my work or while he was at work. He was very surprised to receive his gift and got choked up. He and Tootsie were very close. He misses her terribly. She died suddenly when she was eight years old. She seemed to be in perfect health but one day she was running around the yard with our other dog and she suddenly collapsed and died. All we can figure is that it was her heart that gave out. We won't know for sure but at least it was fast and she didn't suffer with years of heart failure. That was eight years ago and after making a scratchboard portrait of our other dog "Petey" my husband mentioned that a scratchboard of "Tootsie" would go well with it. He got his wish!

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Perfectly Twisted said...

This portrait is amazing. Your talent is amazing and this was a very touching story. I'm sure your hubby WAS choked up over... I'da been. Hugs!