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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New project for myself!

After just coming home from beautiful Pensacola, Florida I want to cherish the memories of our trip. I did a lot of searching for shells and sand dollars while at the beach and I came across 3 tiny sand dollars so I decided I want to wire wrap them so I can wear them as jewelry.

Auggee and Kess

I got the honor of drawing a portrait of Auggee and Kess as a surprise for their daddy's birthday! Gregg was very surprised at his birthday present and loved it!

Here's the work in progress:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Portraits

 Dasha and Leyla
 Work in progress
 Working with Carbon and Graphite Pencil

 All finished! Given as a Christmas gift and was a big hit!!

The next portrait is of Chaos. This is his "Play Ball?" look. I loved it since my dog gives us the same look when he wants us to play ball with him. I could really relate with Chaos!

 Chaos wanting to play ball.
 Work in progress
 Working with Carbon and Graphite Pencil
All finished!