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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Photo Challenge 3 - Landscapes

This weeks photo challenge is Landscapes. The subjects are rural scenes, urban scenes and a photo you could put in a tourist guide for my region. The bonus shot is a statue. So... I'll start out with my worst photo. I had high expectations for this one but it didn't turn out the way I thought it would. Oh well. I will post it anyway and see if anyone has any suggestions.

I thought I could take a landscape picture at dusk when the fireflies were out. Same concept as the fireworks basically. I set the camera on a tripod and did a timed exposure. This on is 15 seconds. I thought I would able to get all sorts of firefly streaks across the picture but if you look at this picture, there is one streak on the left side of the picture. I believe if I made the exposure any longer it would be over exposed. This picture looks like day light!

My big plans to get a shot of fireflies looking like fireworks obviously did not work out the way I wanted it too! Maybe that's why I haven't seen many firefly pictures!

I then took another rural type shot. This one I think could be in a tourist guide for my area. This is Round Lake.

Here is my urban shot. This is my favorite! Talk about being in the right place at the right time!!!
Luckily I wasn't driving and I had my camera with me! I kept trying to get this anvil cloud and I would have to wait for a clearing while we were driving along. I have several shots of it but this one was the best since I just happened to get Medieval Times there in the distance! That was just plain luck!!! I would have to say this could go in a tourist guide too since Medieval Times isn't everywhere!

My family has gone to a couple of Flyers baseball games in the past month so I took this shot. The Flyers are a minor baseball team. I don't currently live in Schaumburg but it's where I grew up. This field is only about 2 miles from my parents house. I think this shot along with the Medieval Times shot could go in a tourists guide for Schaumburg!

Here's the statue that's right outside Alexian Field.
It's the only statue I remember seeing since the challenge began. I'm not sure if he has a name.

Tips?? All I can think of is the rule of 3rds with landscape scenes. Also that it is very difficult to take photos of a field of fireflies!! Especially when I was being swarmed by mosquitos!!!


Courtney von T said...

Hey! Love your shots especially the anvil cloud! Gorgeous!
I was intrigued by your firefly shot and looked up online apparently they are EXTREMELY hard to photograph. They say most pro photogs use a studio but that if you want photos outside you should set up a strobe light to flash at them and then the males should flash back at you...they say it can take hundreds of shots...! LOL

Lee's said...

definitely love that anvil cloud. Awesome shots!

Inkspots said...

Great idea for the fireflys. I was wondering if a shorter exposure would have been better. Good luck!

Love the statue, I have a thing for polar bears.

Lexy said...

Great shots. The anvil cloud is fantastic!

Elizabeth said...

Great photos! Love the anvil cloud!

Carol said...

That cloud shot over midevil times is just too cool. I actually like the firefly landscape, even though it didn't get the result you wanted the green is super vivid.

Sandie Dunn said...

Wow! That cloud shot is fantastic!!! Can't say enough about that one! I also really like the field shot at the top. The contrast is really intersting. Something about it just draws me in. ;)

Tonya said...

Your urban shot is amazing!!!

Jane said...

These are some wonderful shots!!! I love the castle with the great sky shot!!! WTG!!