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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Forged Silver Wire Rings!

I've just started to use a torch and here are a couple of new rings I've created. They are hand forged using 12 gauge .999 pure silver wire. I've needed to anneal the wire a few times because it hardens as I hammer and work with it. It's a lot of fun using the torch so I've decided to start fusing silver wire rings. It's not as time consuming and has less steps than soldering which is great for me! The less steps the better!

This is my first ring. What's nice about this design is that it's adjustable to a degree!

The second ring was my attempt to make a snake. I think it turned out pretty well. Looks like "Grover" our pet snake!

1 comment:

MartaCoimbra said...

Your work is beautiful!