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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Photo Challenge #5

Here we are already at challenge #5. This challenge is about creativity. First we need to shoot a couple of subjects in macro. Second, we need to shoot 2-3 representations of "time". Third, we are shooting our creative spaces.

First is Macro:

I'm usually not particularly fond of spiders. Especially if they are in my house! Watching them outside in their own habitat is fascinating though. I love to watch them catch prey in their webs. Sometimes I will help them out by throwing some bugs in their web for them and watching what they do.

Anyways, this spider is a Argiope aurantia and was found in my parents garden. This spider was huge!!! She measured about 2"! When I showed the boys they ran off quickly!

Next is a cicada. These guys are insanely loud nowadays and are easily spotted!

Here is another spider that was spotted by my neighbor. This one was pretty good size with a yellow jacket caught in its web.

I thought I need to offset the icky spiders with a beautiful butterfly so here she is. All I had with me was my little Pentax p&s. It's difficult shooting moving insects with a p&s which brings up the subject of "time".

A split second doesn't seem very long until you are trying to shoot a butterfly!! Trying to time the lagtime with my P&S is very hard! I was lucky enough to get the first shot when this butterfly decided to land for a few seconds and take a rest. I was really wishing I had my DSLR before that!

I was really thinking about the subject of "Time" and I couldn't think of anything until yesterday when I suddenly had all this "time" on my hands! We planned on being at the baseball field all weekend because both of the boys had games on Saturday and Sunday. We woke up to rain Saturday morning and it has not let up. I thought this would be a good example of time and how our time was going to be used up at the ball park but we suddenly had all this time on our hands!

My first idea for time was this last picture of the kids' first day of school. Seeing them off to school makes me think of all the extra free time I'll have while they are in school! Even though I work the mornings on most days I get home earlier than they do and have a good 2 hours to get stuff done before they come home.

Last is my creative space. It's not very impressive. I've got a small corner in our sun room right off the kitchen to work. It's always a mess because I'm usually working on several projects at once. Right now I'm working on a pencil portrait of "Maggie" the dog and also working on jewelry. A lot of my scrapbooking supplies are stored in my secretaries desk but I haven't worked on my scrapbooks in a long time.

I've been working on the computer either at the kitchen table or in bed. I just took a picture at the kitchen table. I just got this laptop and I love it! I like being able to work on the computer from anywhere in the house!

I used to be stuck downstairs at this computer desk for doing computer work. It was hard in the winter because this corner is really drafty and I would have to bundle up and wear a glove on my right hand that was working the mouse because it would freeze up!!


that's it for now! I hope you enjoyed this challenge!!!


Jane said...

I love the way you interpreted time!! GREAT job on all the photos the spiders were great macros!! I usually have one of those on my front porch every summer but not this year! GREAT job I enjoyed them all!!

Elizabeth said...

Love all of your macro shots! The colors on the first spider are so vivid! The cicadas are out in large numbers around here too. Great interpretations of time.

Sandie Dunn said...

Wow! Fantastic space! I love it! By the way, is that a drawing you are working on on the first desk? If it is, will you take a picture of it and post it? Looks nice from the angle of the photo. I like how you have your jewelry there too. ;) Fantastic spider shots! I shot some one other day too and my dh was like "yuck! what would you shoot that for?" Haha! Oh well. Love interpretation of time! Nice work!

Lee's said...

wow! cool spider pic! love the vibrant color that you captured:)

Carol said...

Those spider pictures are amazing. So colorfull, beautiful, and a bit creepy all at the same time.

The butterfly is beautiful too, I like that you got it flying away.

Don't you love your laptop, I love mine, and I'm always on it now that I can get on line. I really need to get to some scrap projects though. hehe.

Silly me I didn't realize thay you drew the pictures of your dogs. WOW is all I can say.

Have a great day.